Inventory Make

An Inventory make is a detailed report of the condition of a property. It includes all the information, contents, fittings and fixtures of a property at the time of the inspection. An inventory should be carried out by an unbiased party. The inventory is a binding agreement between the landlord and the tenant when the document is signed. The report is compiled before a tenant moves into a property, and acts as protection for all parties involved in the lettings process.

Check In Reports

The check-in usually goes hand in hand with the inventory report and ensures that the tenants happy with the condition of the property. The inventory clerk will go through the entire report with the tenant, record all meter readings, hand over keys and obtain final signatures.

Tenants are also advised at this point what their obligations are at the end of the tenancy.

Check Out Reports 

At the end of a tenancy we compare the state of the property to the original inventory. We list all the changes from the original inventory, this is the most important part of the tenancy, the outcome will guide the Landlord or Agent as to what must be paid for any damages or dilapidations. It will also point out wear and tear issues and damages.

If there are dispute issues between the landlord and the tenant, a professional, impartial inventory, check-in and check-out report will help to resolve this.

Mid Term


Interim inspections provide a chance for the client to be made aware of any problem in the way that the tenant is using and caring for the property.  It is also an opportunity for the tenant to notify the agent about any necessary repairs which need dealing with.  Such visits, are good practice and contribute to better communication with the tenant.

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